Safe and mobile access is crucial in the aerospace industry. SafeRack offers just that. Custom platforms like ErectaStep, RollaStep, AeroStep and PerfectaStep improve worker safety, boost productivity and eliminate dangerous climbing and wasteful walking. Plus, you often you get a 3D image, drawings and a quote in minutes—the engineering is built into our software. Whether making repairs to engines, wings or the fuselage, or build the latest aircraft, spacecraft, satellites and weapons systems,  you can trust the mobile, weatherproof and reconfigurable customized stairs and work platforms we offer. Some of the largest companies in the industry already do.


Ammonia production is necessary for many industries to operate, but none so much as agriculture, which requires this compound to produce all fertilizers containing nitrogen. Once it is produced, ammonia is commonly transported by truck to its final destination, where it must be carefully off-loaded. ErectaStep metal stairs and platforms insure the safety of those working to extract ammonia from transport tankers.


Whether bottom loading trucks with hot asphalt or paving a lot, the asphalt industry can be particularly dangerous. Fortunately, SafeRack understands the risks involved and has the expertise to provide you with the right solution. We provide more asphalt loading/unloading systems than any company in North America, and our experience can help you get equipment that gives you safe access to trucks and railcars, better ergonomics and more productivity. From complex retrofits to new greenfield applications, SafeRack will provide on-site service to help make your job easier. And, as with all our projects, we come in within budget and on time. Every time.


It's reported that workplace injuries cost the automotive manufacturing industry more than $1 Billion each year. However, utilizing the cost-effective safety solutions from SafeRack can help your company avoid downtime and unnecessary costs. With tailored solutions, such as ErectaStep, RollaStep and PerfectaStep, you can easily improve worker safety and efficiency by eliminating dangerous climbing and wasteful walking. From crossovers and safety gates to mobile work platforms and fall protection systems at your loading dock, we have what you need to minimize risks and maximize productivity. And, because the engineering is built into our software, you can get a 3D image, drawings and quote in minutes.


Cement plants require gangways that hold up to very heavy service. And fast delivery of replacement gangways and parts is critical. Tested and proven, SafeRack gangways are the standard of the cement industry. Our heavy-duty, innovative solutions help keep your employees safe and productive. And our experienced team will assist you throughout the entire process—start to finish.


SafeRack has been providing reliable safety systems to the chemical industry for years. From complex retrofits to new greenfield applications, we are the recognized industry leader. All of our products are constructed of corrosion-resistant, heavy-duty materials. And, where possible, we've eliminated welds to further strengthen our solutions. Plus, our representatives will come on-site and help solve your problems with truck or railcar safe access, ergonomics and productivity. Regardless of your needs, we can deliver a solution—and, in many cases, we have it in stock.  

Crude Oil

SafeRack's systems load and unload more crude oil into railcars than any other on the market. With miles of platforms and thousands of gangways successfully installed, SafeRack stands alone as the leader in designing, building and installing loading terminals and other safety solutions for the oil and gas industry. With SafeRack, you get higher productivity, better engineering and on-site, follow-up service to keep your productivity at its highest. We have knowledge that can only come from experience. And that experience allows us to deliver safer, more reliable solutions on time and within budget—every time.  

Food & Beverage

From fall protection at loading docks to crossovers inside processing plants, we have the safety systems you need to keep your food and beverage business running smoothly. Not only are we North America's #1 distributor of OPW and Emco Wheaton Loading Arms, but we've supplied safety solutions that support everything from liquid chocolate to bottled water.


SafeRack has over 400 years of combined experience helping companies—no matter the industry—work smarter. Our unsurpassed expertise, numerous patents and innovative technologies ensure workers across the globe accomplish their jobs safely and efficiently. From start to finish, our people, tools and resources help keep industrial companies compliant and, in turn, their bottom lines healthier than ever.


Barge access gangways aren’t your typical walkways that simply span a gap to provide safe access to and from ships or barges. Certain characteristics of the site application must be considered to allow for multiple planes of rotation during the gangway’s operation. A simple gangway certainly can be stored on the dock or deck of the ship, and have a dock roller allowing ship movement, but it’s not always the case were a simple gangway is the best answer. In some cases, a fixed platform and gangway provides the safest ship access. Either way, SafeRack’s MarinaStep barge and ship access gangways have the solution you need to do it safely.

Mining & Minerals

The Mining and Minerals industry poses dangers on a daily basis to workers, and it can be especially hard on equipment. Fortunately, all of our systems focus first and foremost on safety. Reliability and durability, though, are nonnegotiable, as well. It means our innovative products are user-friendly and perfectly suited for harsh environments.

Natural Gas & LPG

SafeRack has been providing the Natural Gas and Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) industry with safety solutions for years. Because of the changing footprint of natural gas and LPG facilities, including their web of piping, the industry presents a perfect application for our crossovers, work platforms and other safety systems. Built to withstand the elements and to be reconfigured, there's no better solution on the market.

Pipe Lines

There are more than 2 million miles of pipelines moving fuel throughout the United States alone. And many more miles of pipelines are used to transport water, sewage and even milk. The layout of those pipes can present hazardous and inefficient work areas. The good news is that the crossovers, work platforms and other safety systems from SafeRack have been proven to help businesses like yours navigate those complexities—safely and productively.

Power Plants

SafeRack has successfully installed safety solutions in power plants throughout North America. But we do more than install those innovative systems, we support them with the industry's best customer service. Our professionals are responsive, available and knowledgeable. So whether it's a loading platform, crossover or even a simple swing gate,  it comes with peace of mind.

Pulp & Paper

From loading and unloading timber to working around chippers and conveyors, the Pulp and Paper industry poses significant risks to employees and potential fines to employers. OSHA requires that certain safeguards are in place for workers in the industry, and SafeRack can help your business meet them. We offer custom specialty platforms that help improve worker safety, ergonomics and productivity. SafeRack representatives will come to your site and help you with railcar or truck loading/unloading applications. We'll visit your site to better understand your particular challenges and to make sure we provide you with exactly what you need to get your job done safely, efficiently and cost-effectively. It's simple: our job is to make your job easy.

Shipping Ports

Shipping ports are all about efficiency. If you can't load and unload containers safely and quickly, you're going to lose more than time. From gangways to work platforms, SafeRack has the solutions to keep your operation running like a well-oiled machine. Built in America with only quality materials, our products are designed with safety, ergonomics and longevity in mind. In other words, better products and better ROI.


SafeRack has been providing safety systems to the essential chemical and, more specifically, the sulfur industry for years. Sulfur is one of the most important elements in the chemical industry and handling and transporting it correctly is important business. Transportation of this chemical can prove hazardous and it's essential that it gets handled safely. The good news is that the crossovers, work platforms and other safety systems from SafeRack have been proven to help navigate those complexities—safely and productively.

Water & Waste Water

SafeRack offers innovative, ergonomic safety solutions for the Water and Waste Water industry. Whether crossovers to navigate piping or work platforms to access mechanicals, our systems are built for productivity and durability. And many of those products are in stock and ready to ship, so you don't have to wait to increase your safety and efficiency.