SafeRack Locations

Corporate Office

SafeRack Corporate Office
219 Safety Avenue, Andrews, SC 29510
Phone: (843) 264-8096

Customer Service Office

SafeRack Customer Service Office
730 Electric Drive, Sumter, SC 29153
Phone: (803) 774-7225

International Sales Office

SafeRack International Sales Office
Kent Innovation Centre, Thanet Reach Bus. Park, Millenium Way, Broadstairs CT10 2QQ
Phone: +44 1843 609671
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The Most Important Person at SafeRack is You

If you’re thinking we say that to everyone, you’re absolutely right. But what makes us different—what makes those words more than mere words—is that we live them every single day. From the people we hire to the products we develop, your business informs every decision we make.

It’s why we never cut corners when it comes to designing solutions that keep you safe and productive. It’s why we’re committed to providing fast response times, expert engineering, precision manufacturing and on-time deliveries. And why exceeding your expectations underlies everything we do.

We’re not looking for a medal, though. We simply want your business—and we want it for the long haul.

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Meet the SafeRack Team

With the combined experience of 200+ years, we work together as a team to help solve your loading rack problems.  And unlike other companies, when you call SafeRack you’ll always be greeted by a live person who can help answer your questions.  We pride ourselves on one-on-one customer service and we believe you’ll notice the difference.

Leadership Team

Graeme Murphy

VP Strategy & Business Development

Phil Cavatoni

Chief Financial Officer

Chris South

Chief Information Officer

Gulf Coast

John Edwards

Gulf Coast Business Unit Leader

Jeff Girard

Regional Account Manager

Ron Miller

Regional Account Manager

Molly Laqua

Regional Account Manager

Shane Lykke

Regional Account Manager

Cody Harris

Regional Account Manager

Curtis Bollinger

Regional Account Manager

East Coast

Ernie Quinque

Atlantic Business Unit Leader

Jason McKinney

Regional Account Manager

Walter Baron

Regional Account Manager

Matt Blake

Regional Account Manager

Stephen Todd

Regional Account Manager

Bryce Jordan

Regional Account Manager

Todd Boland

Regional Account Manager


Scott Hite

Midwest Business Unit Leader

Brad Lamberton

Regional Account Manager

Brandon Harrison

Regional Account Manager

Travis McCraine

Regional Account Manager

Mark Gardner

Regional Account Manager

Sam Doyle

Regional Account Manager

Tom Merschdorf

Regional Account Manager

Rustin Roper

Regional Account Manager

Steven Iser

Regional Account Manager

West Coast & Western Canada

Jason Tyner

West Coast & Western Canadian Business Unit Leader

Patrick Free

Regional Account Manager

Tripp Haywood

Regional Account Manager

Aaron Rockwell

Regional Account Manager

Heath Mann

Regional Account Manager

Grantt Clemmer

Regional Account Manager

Charles MacEachern

Regional Account Manager

International Sales

Jon Verlander

International Sales Manager

Joey Robinson

Inside Sales Rep - International

Inside Sales

Bob Kashtan

Inside Sales Manager

Joey Robinson

Inside Sales Rep - International

Caelin Lacy

Inside Sales Rep - East Coast, AL, MS, LA & North East Canada

Katie Kelly

Inside Sales Rep - West Coast, TX, OK & North West Canada

Amber Graham

Inside Sales Rep - Midwest

Business Development Group

Graeme Murphy

VP Strategy & Business Development

Ray Evans

Business Development Director - SafeRack Core Products

Kenny Rogers

Business Development Director - Corporate Accounts

Fred Damuth

Business Development Director - Engineered Fittings

Brian Dieffenderfer

Business Development Director - Modular Pipe Racks

Pat Early

Business Development Director - Flatbed Fall Protection

Jason Luquire

Business Development Director - Modular Access

Installation and Customer Support

Cal Floyd

Director of Customer Service

Phyllis Sikes

CSR Supervisor - Gulf Coast & East Coast

Dana Brogdon

CSR Supervisor - Midwest, West Coast & International

Rangeley Laney

Accounting Customer Service Rep

Amanda Farley

Accounting Customer Service Rep

Marissa Deakin

Customer Service Rep - Midwest & International

Kim Anderson

Customer Service Rep - East Coast

Chykevia Witherspoon

Customer Service Rep - Gulf Coast & East Coast

Steven Dew

Customer Service Rep - Gulf Coast

Isaac Brunson

Customer Service Rep

Arsha Faison

Customer Service Rep - Midwest & West Coast

Nina Fields

Customer Service Rep

Melissa Singletary

Customer Service Rep - Midwest

Join Our Team

The only thing more important to SafeRack than our world-class facilities, state-of-the-art technology and award-winning products is the company we keep. Our most valuable asset will always be the extraordinary people who choose to make a living here.

Though each employee is unique, we all share common traits. We’re all hardworking and committed to customer service. We’re not afraid of a challenge, we’re always willing to lend a helping hand and, though we take our work seriously, we’re not afraid to have a little fun doing what we love.

If working hard, having fun and being part of a large family interests you, we’re always accepting applications.

View Our Careers

SafeRack 2017 Christmas Video

So, if we’ve learned one thing, it’s that our products don’t make good gifts for kids… oh well, it’s the thought that counts, right? Anyway, we hope you enjoy this years video, we sure did! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, from our family to you and yours!

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Patented Features

We are constantly searching for the most innovative way to make our products better. Much like you, we pursue efficiencies and technologies to improve our business. Our design and engineering team is tireless in its efforts to identify new means and methods of creating the products and features that meet the specialized needs of our customers, while setting us apart from our competition.

We have developed these features, which exemplify our passion for making our rack systems better.

View our patented features

SafeRack patent placeholder