Patented Features

We are constantly searching for the most innovative way to make our products better. Much like you, we pursue efficiencies and technologies to improve our business. Our design and engineering team is tireless in its efforts to identify new means and methods of creating the products and features that meet the specialized needs of our customers, while setting us apart from our competition.

We have developed these features, which exemplify our passion for making our rack systems better.

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ProductU.S. Patent Number(s)
YellowGate9,476,239 – 9,032,666 – 9,719,299
SafeRack MAUI9,902,577 – 9,169,693
SafeRack Loading Racks10,145,070 – 10,087,641 – 8,561,239
SafeRack Gangway HandrailD636,895 – D625,022 – 8,046,858
Other patents may be pending