Cement, Fly Ash, and Frac Sand Safe Access and Loading Solutions

Increased throughput without Sacrificing Safety

Cement and proppant industry performance is throughput driven. Most applications rely on mostly inexperienced contract truckers to load and move product from mine, plant, or terminal to its final destination. The scarcity of experienced truckers makes efficient and safe transfer a problematic proposition.

SafeRack understands these industry limitations and has designed equipment that is not only the most reliable in the industry but also very ergonomic and easy to use while holding up to hundreds of cycles per day.

Keeping all types of Cement and Frac Sand Loading and Access Safe

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Our experts simplify the complex

Cement & Mining Specialist

“As subject matter expert, I’ll leverage my years of experience as your personal consultant throughout the project to ensure you get a world-class solution.”

Kenny Rogers
Cement, Mining & Flatbed Fall Protection Specialist
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