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SafeRack has over 400 years of combined experience helping companies work smarter. Our unsurpassed expertise, numerous patents, and innovative technologies can help ensure your workers accomplish their jobs safely and efficiently — no matter the industry.

From start to finish, our people, tools, and resources can help keep your industrial company compliant and, in turn, your bottom line healthier than ever.

Making sure your processes and facility are OSHA compliant — as well as making sure your existing equipment is in good condition and well maintained — are key first steps in keeping your workers safe. You should also always be on the lookout for new or additional systems and equipment that can enhance that safety.

For example, pallet drums and spill containment-centric shelving don’t just make your workplace safer. They can also make cleaning spills much easier and a lot less expensive.

Other enhancements like new safety cages, swing gates, and gangways are designed with your team’s safety in mind, as well as pipe racks that can increase your worker’s safety and productivity.

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