Pneumatic Trailer & Frac Sand Truck Loading and Unloading Systems

Although no two pneumatic trailer loading solutions will be identical, the type of vehicles and the product itself determines much of the critical design criteria and what elements are needed. Our design and installation solutions improve loading productivity and throughput, while also being the safest on the market.

The cement and frac sand industry has the most truck loadouts per day of any industry. Getting pneumatic trailers loaded/unloaded and in and out in a safe, efficient manner is key to the bottom line.

Pneumatic Trailer Illustration

Truck drivers have a choice as to what facility they go to for cement to load their pneumatic trailers. Not just the aging population, but also the less physically strong and those wanting easy to use equipment tend to gravitate toward facilities that cater to their needs, and that is why drivers want to go into plants and terminals with SafeRack systems.

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