Tooling access mobile rolling platforms for aviation ground support & production

For rolling platforms, access equipment, rolling stairs, mobile work platforms and tooling needs, AeroStep has the solution. Whether it is aviation ground support or aircraft safety equipment, AeroStep has the solution to your access problem.

Rolling Tooling Platforms

  • Customization of rolling access platforms (Engineered Solutions)
  • Mobile work platform STP file modeling
  • Tooling platforms with precision parts
  • Rolling stairs with light weight modular design
  • Access equipment that is ergonomically friendly
  • Rolling platforms that are OSHA compliant
  • Ground support equipment with standard components for quick delivery



Rolling Access Tooling Platform Equipment w/ Rolling Stairs

Industries Best Fall Protection - Rolling Tool Platforms with the Stability of Fixed Stairs… but Mobile.

Easy Access

AeroStep's rolling platform for ground support is designed for access in production and maintenance applications where a mobile platform is required. Removable handrails, variation in elevation, cantilever, & site-specific modifications are available to work with the most challenging environments.

Configurable Handrails

Removable handrails give the AeroStep tooling platforms versatility to suit almost any application. Contour handrails that form fit to the barrel, as well as tool trays mounted on top, are other handrail options that are available.

Highly Mobile

Our lightweight design allows for easy moving of the platform. The 360 degree swiveling casters allow the unit to be precisely positioned against even the most delicate machinery. Lockdown feature for the caster is standard.

Helping a Large Airplane Manufacturer with Fuselage Maintenance Platforms

A large plane manufacturer needed help getting their employees safe access to plane’s fuselage barrel during production. They considered working with a few different companies to develop a fuselage maintenance platforms but ultimately called on the experts at SafeRack’s Aerostep division to...

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SafeRack Helps Boeing Reach for the Stars w/ AeroStep’s Aluminum Work Platforms

AeroStep’s aluminum work platforms are part of NASA’s initiative to return human spaceflight back to American soil. NASA asked private companies to develop human spaceflight systems – and that’s exactly what Boeing did with the help of AeroStep’s metal work platforms and cross o...

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