Flatbed Loading and Tarping - Safe & Easy

SafeRack rolling platform flatbed truck loading systems, flatbed tarping systems, and flatbed fall protection systems have been installed all over North America to provide workers with OSHA-compliant fall protection.

Flatbed Loading Platforms

  • Power movement options available
  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • OSHA compliant
  • Large 8-in. casters for ease of positioning
  • Customize to your site-specific needs

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Flatbed Overhead Tarping System

  • Handheld wireless push-button controllers
  • Cover the entire trailer in one operation
  • Cover entire trailer in 4-minutes

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Lifeline Cable and Arrest Systems

  • Can Span Up to 200 Feet
  • Supports Up to 4 Workers at a Time
  • Meets All OSHA Requirements

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