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I felt like I was number one

SafeRack stood behind their product. Working to make sure I received the correct parts. The first person I talked with did not know what my equipment was, "BUT" instead of passing the buck, they found someone who did know and worked with all parties to get the part needed. Great team work. Not everyone knows it all but the great ones know how to find the right people to get the job done. I was very impressed.

Best thing I can say is "follow through". I was not just a number. I felt like I was number one. This does not happen very much anymore. Most places have forgotten the customer is number one. You still have it. Keep up the good work.

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Fall Protection: How keeping workers safe can also keep them productive

Safety and productivity aren't mutually exclusive. While productivity should never come at the safety of workers, when it comes to designing a fall protection or crossover system, ease of use can enhance both safety and productivity. That's what NALCO Energy Services Division found when it worked with SafeRack to develop a gangway and fall protection system aimed at giving workers safe access to unload isotainers.

Engineering Safety and Productivity

The NALCO Freeport, Tex. facility produces raw materials for its other plants. Some of the materials required to produce these raw materials arrive in isotainers, which led to a project with two objectives:

  1. Provide workers with safe access to the tops of isotainers for safe unloading of materials
  2. Enable workers access to the isotainers without being tied off in a harness, and make the solution easy to operate

The first objective was fairly straight forward. However, the second objective is where the SafeRack team worked with NALCO Plant Engineer Bill Brown and his team to design an easy, more productive approach than the harness.

"Safety is definitely number one at NALCO," said Brown. "All of our operations, all of our projects take safety into consideration and it's our number one priority. If it's not safe, we don't do it."

The SafeRack team designed an adjustable safe closure that includes a cage and gangway. Workers can easily lower the safe closure manually over the existing floor atop the isotainer. A gangway is also lowered enabling workers to safely walk onto the top of the isotainer. The closure, which meets OSHA height requirements, was designed to eliminate any gaps between the cage and the existing floor.

"SafeRack was very responsive with their engineering group and their sales force," said Brown. He explained that the engineering collaboration identified NALCO needs and arrived at a viable cost-effective solution to meet those needs.

Learn how you can apply a fall protection system that encourages safety and productivity.

SafeRack comes through AGAIN!

Everyone I dealt with at SafeRack during this emergency did what it took to get our facility back up and runnning in the shortest time possible. The replacement unit bolted on even though it was a new model.

SafeRack comes through AGAIN!

Product Description: (1) Replacement (G4) SAS safe access gangway & safety cage
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I strongly recommend SafeRack

I would strongly recommend the SafeRack brand to anyone requiring safe means to unload railcars and tanker trucks. The systems are designed to be used in many different applications. I was able to get my railcar rack back in service in only a short period of time. It took longer for me to generate a purchase order than it took the parts to ship to me.

Customer sales and field sales help is excellent, could not be more pleased. I've always gotten a quick response back with any question I might have. Good folks to work with!

Product Description: (2) Replacement springs for gangway
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No obstacle would keep me from buying from SafeRack

The sales people, the sales people, and the sales people. Wonderful people take care of you through the whole process.

I can always count on my rep to help me. I inadvertently placed 2 orders for a gangway when I just needed one. My rep called me to verify before she placed the order and I was able to cancel one of them. Not many places would be that caring or honest if they saw 2 orders come through. No obstacle would keep me from buying from SafeRack.

Product Description: (1) G4 SAS Safe access gangway and safety cage
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Dependable, quality product and order accuracy

Saferack is a good company - delivering on time and providing the necessary details is a good asset of your company. Dependable, quality product and order accuracy. Keep up the good work.

Product Description: (10) Yellow Gates
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Our customers request Saferack by name

Our first experience with Saferack was very satisfying. Our sales rep Amber Graham provided fast, informed responses that we needed to make the sale of these units possible. the products shipped on time well packed and in great shape.

Our customers request Saferack by name because of the flexibility in options they present and the versatility of the units. Aside from the units themselves, we find the customer support, realistic delivery times and the backing of an established reliable brand to be key benefits.

Product Description: SAS GANGWAY
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Well built for long reliable service

The YellowGate product was compact and takes a lot less time to install. Light weight, adjustable to fit a wide range of platform/ladder openings and seems to be well built for long reliable service with less parts than similar gates on the market.

Jason McKnight's sales pitch was to the point. The product line was quickly covered and the value of the product to safety was quickly realized. Jason was barely out the plant gate when he was summoned to return for assistance with proposals for the platforms around the plant. SafeRack could not have a better face for their product.

Product Description: (2) YELLOWGATES
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Safety for your employees

I think SafeRack is an outstanding company that offers an outstanding product at a very competetive price. Their engineering is second to none and they have a outstanding sales and service department. You can count on your order being delivered in the time frame they tell you it will be.

I would recommend that any company that is involved in loading tanker trailers to contact them, if for no other reason but safety for your employees, easy access for loading trucks and a time saver. This product is durable and will save you time and money in lost production because of injuries and/or insurance claims.

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I would recommend this product and company

I would recommend this product and SafeRack to anyone. They were fast to respond. Figured out the problem and helped with a solution product. Fast shipping. Very happy with SafeRack.

Product Description: (6) SWIVEL JOINT REPAIR KIT
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