ErectaStep Cross Overs and Modular Platforms

Crossover stairs

Metal stairs

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Modular Industrial Stairs & Platforms

ErectaStep Cross Overs and Modular Platforms

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Modular Industrial Stairs & Platforms

ErectaStep Cross Overs and Modular Platforms

Erectastep Metal crossover stairs

Proud Distributor of

Modular Platforms & Stairs

Pre-Engineered for


modular platforms

Only Four Components? Allow Unlimited Possibilities

ErectaStep consists of only four components which bolt together along common bolt hole patterns to form nearly any structure with no welding or fabrication required.

  • Bolts Together, no Fabrication Required
  • Manufactured with Robotic Technology
  • Unlimited, Expandable Configurations
  • Re-Purpose with Ease

Bolts Together

Components share bolt hole patterns to reduce parts and erection time. No welding or fabrication is required to construct any configuration.

Crossover Platforms

cross overs

Erectastep quickly configures to gain safe access over pipes, dike walls, or other obstructions. Three platforms can be bolted together in a series without tower supports, providing up to 9' of linear clearance.

metal stairs

Need additional clearance? Four platforms can be bolted together by simply adding a tower support to each end. To design, simply measure your height clearance required, your length clearance, and refer to the chart on the last page to see which stair model will best suit your needs. Please call us with any questions about your design.

Ship via UPS

Its so easy to assemble, all ErectaStep configurations ship broken down to it's component parts. This saves you hundreds of dollars in freight shipping charges!

Sample Configurations

Stair Tower Access

This platform system allows specific access to parts such as valves or a filters which require repeated access.

stair tower platform
Assembly Line Platform

This configuration allows for travel over or around areas similar to assembly lines.

assembly line platform
Ladder Replacement

This style of platform could permanently replace wobbly ladders or work stands.

metal stairs ladder
Mezzanine Access Platform

This platform system might allow access within a confined space to a mezzanine level of a warehouse.

mezzanine access platform

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  • ErectAStep platform system

    Product is light weight and easy to assemble

    Good product that was delivered on time. The platform is light weight, easy to assemble and disassemble, and never needs painting.

    Randy Pegram
    Colonial Pipeline Company

  • ErectAStep platform system

    Easy to use, easy to install, easy to transport

    Your range of products is very useful and high quality that is easy to use, easy to install and uninstall, and easy to transport because can split to part by part.

    I would recommended your ErectAStep product because we can add more parts to change the configuration, height and wide compared with other products.

    Amran Mat Zanggi
    OGCF Engineering (M) SDN BHD

  • ErectAStep platform system

    My second purchase within 6 weeks

    This is my second purchase within 6 weeks. Very sturdy, easy to install and the SafeRack rep was very responsive.

    John Sealey
    London Hospital Lien Service

  • ErectAStep platform system

    Looks good, solid, feels good, safe

    Our cross over stair was expedited as per our request....Our salesperson worked with your inside sales and got it thru customs quickly....great service....great product. The product is flexibility, looks good, solid, feels good, safe.

    John Nance is great....he assisted in design and ensured the warehouse has our product and expedited shipping....he is a super representative for SafeRack.

    John Sealey
    London Hospital Linen Service

  • ErectAStep platform system

    Design, ease of assembly and installation.

    Outstanding delivery time. If it wasn't in stock for immediate delivery, I would have gone to another supplier. SafeRack had the item ready to go. My salesman John Nance is very efficient and responds almost immediately.

    This product improves safety for my staff, cutting down their time moving around the yard. This product is weather protected, with no maintenance, plus saves cost on designing, engineering and building in-house. Always a positive experience. Price is good.

    Suresh Daljeet
    Yellowline Asphalt Products Ltd

  • ErectAStep System

    Finished product makes us look good

    They were very helpfull in helping us get what we needed.They also made phone calls to confirm the order was right and what we needed. Cost is right.Your people are easy to work with.

    Saves our insulated piping, safer for our personnel, easier access to our inner tanks. High quality, easy construction, and the finished product makes our tank farm look good.

    Greg Elsenpeter
    CHS Inc.

  • ErectAStep System

    A perfect fit

    Great easy to read shop drawings, aluminum construction and OSHA Certified. Shipped immediately. The product went together well and was a perfect fit.

    Beau Bruso
    Miller Bros. Construction, Inc.

  • erect-A-Step System cross over stairs

    The difference is the service and follow-up

    The product is already onsite and ready for assembly. I cannot move this fast with the onsite maintenance manpower. Fantastic job! We have several ErectASteps already onsite. The quality and ease of assembly and flexibility are all great benefits of this crossover. Plus, corrosion resistance, being pre-painted and the ability to expand additional pieces at a later time are added benefits.

    I am very satisfied with teh SafeRack products. We have used other vendors and the products are similar. The big difference is the service and follow-up from SafeRack.

    Jerry Hilgendorf
    Nustar Logistics, LP

  • ErectAStep handrails

    Durable and exceeds in performance

    Overall the product is durable and exceeds in performance. Installation was simple. Product was delivered within 2 weeks. There were three different orders and one was during the holidays. All were delivered in a sufficient timeframe.

    Mike Shultz
    Gudgel Yancey Roofing

  • Erect-A-Step System cross over stairs

    Good Quality

    Product was delivered within a week. Good quality that serves my need. I would recommend this product for Cost and ease of installation.

    Buddy McCumbers
    Georgia-Pacific Passport

  • Erect-A-Step Platforms and Tower Supports

    Easy as 1-2-3

    1. cost effective for large area need where design would require structures needed vs contractor building on site 2. appearance and design is already safety oriented to meet code 3. structure is made to accommodate ease of assembly and access without fatal redesign cost, with prompt delivery with no issues.

    Phillip Weathers
    Sealed Air Corp - CRYOVAC DIV

  • Erect-A-Step Platform System

    Rustin made helpful suggestions

    Rustin was very responsive, and great help to us with the order. Making helpful suggestions and answering all our question right on the phone. Delivery was much faster than we expected. We had lots of questions, so his help was very much appreciated.

    Ken Wilcox
    Ken Wilcox Associates

  • Erect-A-Step System cross over stairs

    It is a superior product

    Very good quality and very adaptable to my project, with the pre-engineered modular design. It is a superior product, and exceeded in covering all my safety concerns.

    David Eicher
    Sentinel Transportation LLC

  • Erect-A-Step System cross over stairs

    Easy to assemble, lightweight design

    Easy to assemble, lightweight design, and set up is cost effective, versus on site building from scratch.

    Phillip Weathers
    Sealed Air Corp - CRYOVAC DIV

  • cross over stairs, platforms, aluminum steps

    Top dollar service!

    Lead time was important. We did not want to hold up our project waiting for the product to arrive. Our sales rep, Chris Hite anwered all questions in a timely manner and the product arrived in a reasonable time without any additional expediting fees. From the quoting process, right thru to the delivery, and even a follow up by customer service, to ensure that we, as the customer, we have been completely satisfied with our purchase from SafeRack. Built to last with not only quality, but safety in mind. The price was less, but the service was top dollar! End result, this product will last for years in our facility.

    Alan DeVito
    TSE Industries, Inc.

  • cross over stairs, platforms, aluminum steps

    This product made me look good.

    ErectAStep is quality built, easy to order in a simple set of steps. Delivery time was expedited and it was easy to install and construct upon arrival.

    Bill Kusmits
    Marathon Petroleum Company LP

  • modular cross over units

    Easy on-site assembly

    Our sales rep John Edwards was very responsive and the product was delivered in only two weeks. ErectaStep's ease of on-site assembly was far better deal than custom engineering and fabricating.

    Robert Vaughn
    Tesoro Refining and Marketing Co.

  • Erect-A-Step Platform System

    Bill Lemmon
    Marathon Pipe Line LLC

  • cross over stairs, platforms, aluminum steps


    The product had modular features that allowed us to customize and meet the needs of our unique project. Product from other companies that we researched would not meet our needs in this 'off-the-shelf' manner. Delivery was fast! We placed the order on Thursday and we received it Monday. Our sales rep Chris Hite responded to our emails almost immediately.

    Andy Hipp
    Batson-Cook Company

  • cross over stairs, platforms, aluminum steps

    Very Fast

    SafeRack delivers as promised good quality products and at a reasonable price. We received very fast service from our sales guy John Nance. I can always rely on SafeRack every time I need their products.

    Dorin Marian
    IGI Wax - International Group

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