Truck Spill Containment System Pads

An Installed Airport Spill Containment Pad

Airport Truck Spill Containment Pad

Nowhere is truck spill containment more necessary than at an airport. Think of all the moving parts involved with refueling an aircraft and how all those moving parts can increase the likelihood of an accidental discharge. Mobile refueler trucks, odd angled elevated fuel ports on different types of aircraft, and the human element is all part of a complex operation.

Accidental truck spill containment issues create headaches.

AVGAS and Jet-A are both combustibles that require extensively regulated handling. The EPA considers them both to be hazards to the environment. Any unintentional discharge or release creates a mountain of obstacles and paperwork that get in the way of normal operations. Current regulations dictate that…

If a truck spill occurs, the following procedures must be enacted: 

  • Activate the emergency fuel shutoff, then notify the on-duty supervisor.
  • Initiate the clean-up by certified workers only. 
  • If the discharge is higher than 10′ off the ground or more than 50 feet squared, it becomes an immediate hazard. At that point, the airport fire rescue crews should be notified to respond.

While all that notification, clean-up, and paperwork is going on the aircraft has to standby — what a mess.

It’s all about Truck Spill Containment and Portable Spill Prevention.

Your mandated FRP (Facility Response Plan) needs to have a significant containment component. Or in other words, the EPA wants to know how your facility will react and comply with a clean-up. What clean up methods will you deploy when a spill happens? What weapons are in your spill containment arsenal? How well were you prepared for an incident?

Saferack’s Containment Pad system is a proactive containment method for fuel vehicle spill that has…
-Minimal site preparation
-Easy and fast installation
-Ready for immediate use after installation.
-Meet SPCC compliance regulations. (EPA)

Staying proactive about spill containment can protect your company and employees from hazardous liquids and expensive fuel spills. Furthermore, secondary containment pad systems should be a significant part of your Facility Response Plan.

In summary, the expert Saferack installation team can assist your company with everything you need to know about Secondary Spill Containment. Saferack containment experts know the equipment that can boost your facilities spill response plan. Calling Saferack is the first step.