Custom Truck Platform with Safety Cage

Custom Truck Loading Platform with Fall Protection for Biodiesel Liquid Transfer Application

Biodiesel Liquid Transfer Terminal for Truck Loading

Saferack installed this superb custom work platform with a Maui Safety Cage for a Bio Diesel loading facility.

 Get Above The Tankers Safely

Loading and unloading fuel trucks can be a hazardous duty for depot workers for a couple of reasons. Getting above the right topside loading port with a fueling arm and then connecting it can be tricky. Any time heights are involved with a task-slipping, tripping, or falling is a factor.

Safety Cages build worker confidence and save your company money.

An installed Safety Cage gives your workers what they need most when they are above a tanker. Security from falls. This kind of peace of mind creates a more confident worker.  

When you look at this custom installation photo, you sense two things. 

  1. Stability
  2. Safety

Quality Construction and Support Never Goes Out Of Style

The reliable custom metal tower support is bolted securely to the deck. The stairs (Or a ladder option if you wish) is bolted securely to the raised platform and the deck which creates a robust no wobble approach to the platform. The stairs are OSHA compliant meeting all the requirements for width, depth, and weight-bearing ability. The heavy-duty handrails on the stairs are solid and bolted to the staircase. The platform has treading built into it, creating a generous workspace that combats slips and trips.

The hydraulic safety cage is the element of this installation that increases the fall protection significantly. The Maui Safety Cage levels above the tank port extending the safe workspace on top of the tanker. Workers, in the cage, are surrounded by industrial-grade aluminum guardrails. Opening hatches, securely maneuvering fuel arms, and then locking the port is a breeze. 

Time And Money And Safety

Thousands of fuel depots enjoy the worker safety that custom-built work platforms provide. Adding maneuverable Maui Safety Cages is a “double down safety tactic” that proactive Safety Managers employ. They know that the safety cages build worker confidence which speeds loading/unloading operations and saves money.

We Make It Easy For You. We Have Installed a Lot of These.

The team at Saferack is ready to assist you with any platform and cage structure you need. Many past customizations include multiple loading arm platforms for handling more than one vehicle at a time. Call Saferack today, and we can get your safety project going.