Rust Resistant Stair Crossovers

Combatting the Elements and Complying with OSHA

Rust needs only three things to form: iron, oxygen, and water. When they come together, thanks to oxidation, you’re typically left with that familiar reddish-brown substance, and that means trouble in an industrial environment.

A leading manufacturer of loading dock equipment knows this all too well. The stairs leading from the company’s delivery area to a shipping office were rusting and beginning to fall apart. They needed a quick, durable solution that was also OSHA compliant.


After one call to their local distributor—and only one day later—the manufacturer had a fully designed solution that met all of their requirements. As you’d expect, that solution featured bright yellow rails and an ErectaStep logo. And, as with all ErectaStep systems, it was available immediately and could be installed in a matter of hours.

Importantly, the stairs were pre-engineered with high-grade aluminum, a metal built to withstand the elements. Unlike steel, when aluminum is exposed to rust-causing rain, snow, or humidity, a protective barrier of aluminum oxide forms. So it actually gets stronger, not weaker.

The company appreciated the process and solution so much that they’re in the process of incorporating two more ErectaStep systems into their facility.


  • Rust-Free & Infinitely Reconfigurable
  • Quick & Easy Assembly
  • Virtually Instant OSHA Compliance