ErectaStep Crossover Stairs and Platforms

ErectaStep’s handrails, work platforms, aluminum stairs and platform ladders, are pre-engineered solutions which save you money and time. These solutions are OSHA compliant and are super easy to configure. Not only that, these are portable too. Just unbolt, reconfigure and install at the new location with the wrenches provided by ErectaStep and you are good to go.

ErectaStep’s unique bolt together system, uses only five modular components to create a virtually unlimited number of crossover configurations reducing the typical process from weeks to only a couple of days. Choose handrails, work platforms, lightweight aluminum stairs, tower platform supports and platform ladders, all pre-engineered to meet OSHA standards. So there’s no need for costly time-consuming engineering. Simply measure configure and assemble often with just one or two men in a matter of minutes.

We even throw in the wrenches. We have customers that configure the solution, place the order and install the solution all in the same week. Erectastep also relocates and repurposes with ease. Simply unbolt, reconfigure and install in its new location.

Contact us and we’ll help you configure the right solution to suit your needs.