Fixed Ladder and Work Platforms Installation

Custom Ladder and Platform Installation

ErectaStep Ladder And Work Platform

Application: ErectaStep Ladder And Work Platform installation for AirGas in Augusta, Ga.

When there is a need for industrial metal ladders and work platforms, the Saferack Erectastep modular system can be used to create easy and safe access points to out of the way controls and elevated equipment. Your workers can access equipment, shutoff valves, etc. and perform maintenance at any level.

The completely modular Erectastep system allows you to create OSHA compliant elevation points by using industrial-grade solid, stairs, ladders, gates, handrails, and platforms that allow workers to access workspaces safely and with confidence.

All of the components of the 5-piece Erectastep metal stairs system is manufactured to meet OSHA standards by using heavy duty industrial grade, grated non-slip metal stairs, rigid tower supports, heavy-gauge safety rails safety gates, and industrial-strength laddering. All of the components are engineered and manufactured in the USA always keeping the stringent OSHA requirements for worker safety in mind.

Whether used as a ladder access point, a crossover, or as a stable work platform the Erectastep system offers versatility, safety, and easy construction. The configurations are only limited by your imagination.

Saferack can offer guidance with component selection based on your access requirements. Erctastep is the solution to any area that needs a ladder or stair access point or an OSHA compliant crossover. mlee