An underground topographical area that contains a source of potable water that supplies springs and wells. Aquifers are to be considered heavily when a construction project is being planned that involves storage tanks, including fuel transport tankers.  Most fuel tank installation contractors will understand the planning and approval process for installing fuel tanks around a backfill.  The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is always concerned that erroneous tank leakage could damage an aquifer or a sole source aquifer that provides water to communities.

The presence of nearby aquifers can be impediments to regulatory approval for the construction of storage tank facilities. Fuel tank installation contractors can expertly guide you through what is required to get approval.

Good fuel tank installation contractors will know what is required to get approval for adding fuel tanks.

Regulations and the adherence to them all have to do with not polluting a source of drinking water for a community.  Any business will take this seriously.  Contractors who specialize in fuel tanks understand the engineering, location setting, and regulatory components of a project that may be near an aquifer.

fuel tank installation contractors use water tables
Fuel tank installation contractors will evaluate and respect water tables as they plan an installation.