fuel loading

Attended Facility

An attended facility is a fuel depot or gas station that has employees who help to monitor fuel transfer from delivery trucks to the depot or gas station. Fuel terminals that have no assistants are unassisted fuel terminals. Most states allow consumers to pump gas at unattended stations. Two states have strict requirements stating that the transference of fuel must be done by an attendant. Those states are New Jersey and Oregon.

Attended fuel terminals are becoming scarce.  There may be an attendant during business hours but after that drivers load and unload fuel themselves at oil storage terminals using access control cards that monitor the amount pumped or delivered.  Pickups at fuel terminals are for commercial accounts like gas stations and municipal auto fleets.  Heating oil terminals service commercial deliverers of home heating oil.

Attended Fuel Terminals are scarce.  Accounting is automatic.  Swiping a magnetic strip card or using a phone app is the new norm.

Drivers who load fuel delivery trucks at a loading facility understand the basic principals of safe fuel handling. Most drivers know what to do if a fuel spillage happens.  The Environmental Protection Agency has numerous guidelines and tips on what to do in case of a fuel spill.  Reporting spills to the EPA, for most events, is required. For more information on what is required after a spill, you can call the National Response Center (NRC), at 1-800-424-8802.

Most fuel depots are located near rail lines or ocean ports assuring that a fuel depot can take bulk deliveries.  You can easily locate a commercial fuel terminal here and open an account with a local facility.

fuel loading
fuel loading at an oil storage terminal.