Automatic Tank Gauge

Measuring Volume in an Underground Storage Tank

An automatic tank gauge is an electronic device that measures inventory and calculates volume in an underground storage tank often protected by a backfill.

Modern tank gauges use electronic sensors that emit ultrasonic waves within the tank.  This process instantly calculates and reports inventory within the tank.  The days of floats and ball shutoffs to measure a tank are now a thing of the past.

Interestingly, taking constant measurements electronically eliminates the need for workers to access, and open an underground storage tank for inventory measurements.  An important byproduct of less human access to the tank is a safer work environment that results in fewer injuries to workers.  It’s all about increasing the productivity and safety of your company.

OSHA and EPA Compliance is key.

Having a good tank gauge system and an OSHA compliant loading platform is a solid investment in eliminating regulatory fines due to non-compliance issues. 

The reports generated by modern tank gauge equipment are accurate, timely, and in a format that the regulatory agencies require.   

Storage and maintenance of petroleum products are subject to strict compliance regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency.  It is always worth noting that the EPA and other government agencies are concerned with safety factors regarding spillage, inventory control, and safety.  

The importance of staying within compliance for regulatory agencies is easy to understand.  Costly non-compliance fines can add up and affect the profitability of any company.    According to the Environmental Protection Agency companies that were not in compliance paid $88 million dollars in fines in 2018. (Source

Underground Storage Tank Loading Platforms
OSHA Compliant Loading and Unloading Platforms in action.