Balance System

A balance system is a method of vapor recovery used in tanker fueling stations.   Fuel vapors must be recovered and stored to stay in compliance with the Environmental Protection Agency.  These vapors cannot be dispersed into the atmosphere.

The filling liquid in a tank pushes the vapors toward an exit valve that is routed to a separate tank which allows for better measurement of recovered fuel and zero emissions to the atmosphere. The tanks loaded liquid pressure is the only force used to move the vapors toward the exit valve. This is a cost-effective method for vapor recovery and compliance documentation.

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that over 140 million gallons of fuel is lost to evaporation in the United States each year.  A good Balance System is a weapon against losing product.

Modern Endpoint nozzles at fuel depots generally have these characteristics…

  • Synthetic rubber tubing (adds corrosion resistance)
  • Braided steel wire reinforcement ( adds rigidity)
  • Chemivic or nitrile rubber cover (adds corrosion resistant)
  • A Thermoplastic outer hose with textile reinforcement. (adds durability)
  • A Wire Helix (adds durability)

Keeping these nozzles in good condition and installing aspirator is vital for effective vapor recovery.  Frequent inspections of dispensing nozzles to look for tears in the rubber portion is a good idea.  Having a good supply of replacement parts on hand can save a company money by limiting vapor loss.  A hood on a nozzle that is not airtight is leaking vapors.

Vapor recovery is a mandated endeavor for both protection to the environment and a company’s bottom line.

California Emissions lead the nation with stringent vapor recovery standards.  Many states are starting to adopt the same rules that California has implemented.

Balance System Nozzle
Balance System