Custom Metal Stair And Railing Configuration

Custom Work Platform designed for a Space Capsule

Customized metal stairs and work platform for the aviation industry/

Sales Rep: Bryce Jordan

Customizable work platforms create safe work environments and easier access to your projects and prototypes. Custom work platforms are installed to accommodate the dimensions of your project, allowing easy, comfortable access points right where work is required.

Erectastep can help your company configure safety metal stairs, railings, platforms, and gates to create the best possible work environment for your needs. Our Erectastep system is modular, which allows for any configuration as needed for your space. Erectastep can create a single level or multilevel platforms that can be arranged to accommodate your project as it progresses and changes. Adding another level or shifting work access points is easy.

The Erectastep modular sections are made from heavy-duty materials in the USA and are designed with OSHA compliance in mind.

Increase worker safety and productivity by installing a Saferack custom work platform. We will do it on time and within your budget.