Save Time and Money By Eliminating Custom Fabrication

  • Time Is Money - Metal stair and work platforms designed and installed in a fraction of the time compared to custom fabrication
  • Why Go Custom - Our metal stair and work platforms costs Less Than Custom-Engineered Systems
  • Quoted In Minutes - Metal stair and work platform quotes, and Drawings in minutes, not weeks.
  • Reconfigures Easily - Our metal stair and work platforms unbolt, Reconfigure and Relocate in a snap
  • Installs Fast! - Our metal stair and work platforms require no welding, special tools or cranes
  • Always OSHA Compliant - Our metal stair and work platforms are built to OSHA compliance guidelines


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ErectaStep 5 metal stair-components

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Learn how each of the five components of ErectaStep’s aluminum stair and work platform systems adds up to higher productivity for your business.

ErectaStep, SafeRack’s line of metal stairs and industrial maintenance work platforms, feature modular, lightweight aluminum components that are as easy to reconfigure as they are to assemble. Installation only takes a few hours and requires little more than a wrench. That means no boom truck or heavy crane; most installations take little more than a hand truck and two installers.

Plus, our team of experienced professionals supports you from start to finish. We visit your site to identify goals and challenges to ensure the job is done right. And because we utilize a state-of-the-art custom configurator tool, you’re able to view accurate quotes and detailed drawings in minutes… letting you see precisely what your project will look like once it’s installed.

Prefabricated Metal Stairs and Work Platforms

ErectaStep® Industrial Series modular metal stairs and maintenance platforms are in a class all their own. The only metal stair system that features a patented design utilizing only five simple components to create an unlimited number of possible configurations. From a simple 2 step footbridge to cross over obstructions, commonly found in many industrial work environments. Like dike walls and berms, piping or cables, to cable trays and HVAC trunk lines on rooftops.

Because ErectaStep’s components are constructed with lightweight aluminum, and only bolts together with no welding required. It is eliminating the need for “hot work” permit that commonly needed in most chemical and refinery facilities. It’s lightweight components also make it easy to carry and install in remote or hard to reach areas for installation, without the need for a large crane to lift into position, like most prefabbed steps.

ErectaStep’s modular prefabricated step system is also easier to design and configure, even for the most complicated situations. Most configurations can be completed in a matter of mere minutes, if not seconds! Complete with a detailed quote and installation drawings. Thanks to our patented configuration software app, your product specialist can visit your site, and provide a quote on the spot. You are eliminating several weeks of lead time and thousands in engineering fees. Try that with any of our competitors, forget it with a custom fabricator.

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