ErectaStep’s Prefab pipe rack tank farm installation

Prefab pipe rack in a tank farm

Prefab pipe rack in a tank farm

ErectaStep delivers convenient and safe options for drill pipe, tubing, casing, and drill collars on a project site. our Prefab pipe racks are steel-framed structures where drill pipe is piled horizontally above ground. The pre-engineered structure provides strength and stability when stacked on top of one another. Pipe tubs are used to make your project site safer, more practical and more efficient. They can be used to store drill pipe at the rig site or as a container for transporting drill pipe by truck or barge.

pre engineered industrial pipe rack

Modular Pipe Racks Faster and Easier than Custom Fabricated

ErectaRack eliminates the long engineering and fabrication process typically involved in pipe rack design and construction, often taking several weeks, if not months. ErectaRack’s pre-engineered system is precision manufactured using the latest, laser technology and robotic.

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