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Trolley Fall Protection

Fall Protection Beam Trolley for Truck and Rail

  • Fall Protection For One or Two Flatbed Trailers
  • OSHA Compliant Components
  • Reduces Fall Distances When Loading or Tarping
  • Access Trailers From Grade, SafeRack Loading Platforms, or RollaStep Mobile Platforms
  • Site-Specific Foundation Designs Are Available
  • On-Site Turn-key Installation Available

Give workers loading or tarping flatbed trailers the flexibility and mobility to work safely and confidently at heights with a SafeRack trolley beam system for flatbed trailers. Each system, single or dual, can be designed for your specific needs and can be customized to the length you need. Made of long-lasting galvanized steel, the trolley beam fall arrest system will keep workers protected for years to come and will continue to provide you with a solid return on your safety investment.

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