owensboro hospital before and after

Safe Rooftop Access for Regional Hospital

For years, a hospital in Owensboro, Kentucky, accessed its rooftop HVAC cooling tower with little more than a freestanding ladder and steady feet. When it came time for regular maintenance, technicians had to climb the ladder, tools in hand, and crawl into a 3’x3’ access door.

On top of that, to help steady the step ladder, the setup required wood shims to compensate for the roof’s unevenness. And, naturally, there was no platform area to perform maintenance or otherwise inspect the HVAC system. All in all, it was an unenviable task that posed risks to both employee and employer. Not to mention, it exposed the hospital to potential fines.


When the hospital recognized the safety and compliance issues, it wasted no time. It turned to its local distributor, who connected the healthcare provider with ErectaStep.

Thanks to ErectaStep’s configurator tool, the hospital’s project manager was able to clearly visualize—on an iPad—the optimal solution for safer, compliant access: an eight-stair, modular system that included ample work area.

Once the order was placed, it took just three hours for installation — and required little more than a wrench. Not only did the ErectaStep stairs and work platform provide immediate OSHA compliance, but the solution made the job of the hospital’s maintenance technicians much easier, as well.


  • Easy, Three-Hour Install
  • Lightweight and Secure
  • OSHA Compliant