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Mobile platforms for maintenance, assembly & ground support

For rolling ground support platforms, maintenance platforms, rolling stairs, cantilever tooling platforms, and tooling needs, AeroStep has the solution. Whether it is aviation ground support or aircraft safety equipment, AeroStep has the solution to your access problem.

Rolling Access Tooling Platform Equipment w/ Rolling Stairs

Rolling Tooling Platforms

  • Customization of rolling access platforms (Engineered Solutions)
  • Mobile work platform STP file modeling
  • Tooling platforms with precision parts
  • Rolling stairs with lightweight modular design
  • Access equipment that is ergonomically friendly
  • Rolling platforms that are OSHA compliant
  • Optional FOD (Foreign Object Debris) prevention
  • Ground support equipment with standard components for quick delivery



Industry’s Best Fall Protection – Mobile Tooling Platforms with the Stability of Fixed Stairs.

Easy Access

AeroStep’s rolling stairs and maintenance platforms are designed for OSHA compliant access in assembly and maintenance applications, with effortless positioning, tight gap tolerances, adjustable heights and cantilevered access. Units have the highest safety standards and can be customized for even the most challenging environments.

Configurable Handrails

Removable handrails with soft bumpers options give the AeroStep tooling platforms versatility to suit almost any application. Other options include tool tray mounts and contour handrails that form any shape, such as a fuselage barrel.

Highly Mobile

Our lightweight aluminum design allows for easy platform maneuverability. The 360 degree swiveling casters with lockdowns allow the unit to be precisely positioned and firmly fixed in place for a wide variety of applications.

FOD (Foreign Object Debris) iconFOD (Foreign Object Debris) Options

All AeroStep Tooling Platforms and Stairs can be configured to defend against Foreign Object Debris.