Emco Wheaton

EMCO Wheaton logoWith more than 100 years’ experience working within the fluid transfer industry, Emco Wheaton has the pedigree and knowledge, along with the innovative attitude and skills required to produce world-leading equipment.

From Marine Loading Arms used to safely and efficiently transfer hazardous liquids and gases from ship to shore, Distribution Loading Arms, DRY-BREAK® couplers, adaptors, petroleum road tanker equipment, a range of refueling systems used to refuel fleets of buses, and Emco Wheaton’s market-leading TODO range of couplers, adaptors, and break-away couplings. Emco Wheaton’s wide-ranging product offering and continue to meet and exceed the growing demands of the global transportation, oil, gas, and chemical industries we serve.

SafeRack is an Emco Wheaton Distributor

SafeRack is not only the largest supplier of truck loading platforms and railcar loading systems in North America but also the largest loading arm distributor for both OPW and Emco Wheaton. Loading arm projects go faster and more smoothly with SafeRack because we coordinate with pipe, electrical and civil engineers to help resolve any variables with vehicles. In addition, SafeRack offers the most extensive selection of swivel joints for the most challenging liquid handling applications. Simply put, your railcar loading systems are more productive with SafeRack.

Emco Wheaton products, which are designed and manufactured at their four plants strategically placed around the globe, have been recognized as class-leading for decades with clients returning time and time again safe in the knowledge that they are buying the best products from one of the world’s most well respected and recognized brands.

Emco Wheaton manufacturing plants in Houston Texas, USA; Oakville Ontario, Canada; Kirchhain, Germany and Margate, UK are supported by sales offices in Paris, France; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Manama, Bahrain; Vienna, Austria; Shanghai, China; Moscow, Russia, and Campinas, Brazil, as well as a network of trusted distributors covering more than 100 countries globally.

Emco Wheaton’s Loading Arms


Designed with flexibility in mind, our range of modular loading arms lets you quickly and easily perform repairs or upgrades to your equipment; allowing you to maximize performance and minimize downtime while taking advantage of the latest technological advancements.


Emco Wheaton land loading systems are intended to cover a broad variety of fluid handling applications. They provide a comprehensive portfolio of products to securely and efficiently load and unload many different gas or liquid products. Backed by over 60 years of technology experience, Emco Wheaton provides their clients with dependable, high-quality, and very low maintenance solutions that are tailored to fix their merchandise transfer challenges.

Emco Wheaton’s mission as a market leader is to innovate and provide our clients with the latest technology; providing safe and dependable solutions that bring value to your company. If your application doesn’t fit to any of our standard models, they can work with you to develop a custom alternative that’s tailored to your precise requirements. The safety of your employees and your company is our top priority, and Emco Wheaton’s gear is specially designed to reflect that. Successfully working in over 100 nations, supplying clients with support and service through SafeRack’s experts, their solutions are used globally by leading industry players.

Emco Wheaton’s Swivel Joints

Pipes are, obviously, solid, and stiff structures. Our joints leave them adaptable. Where a hose can’t offer the security and reliability of a strong piping system, the swivel joint allows movement and freedom.

A swivel joint provides the benefit of 360° rotation while keeping the safety features of a good pipe. Combining swivels can allow for turning in a number of planes. Our joints are utilized where secure handling, the security of operators, and low-wear attributes are required.

Give mobility and turning to your piping systems capable of managing a broad assortment of gasses, fluids, and food products. By allowing 360° rotation, piping systems may have long reach without sacrificing the protection of operators. The rotation function is accomplished using integrated ball tracks and using ball bearings, and where required, spacers. The ball monitors for load-bearing swivels are hardened, but for the aluminum version.

Emco Wheaton provides specialization swivel joints designed to fit the requirements of any fluid handling application.

Giving your piping systems freedom will decrease safety hazards and prolong the life span of your installation. Contact us or request a quotation if you have any queries.

Emco Wheaton is the consolidation of two businesses, one being Wheaton Petroleum Valves which was founded in 1892 in Newark, New Jersey by A.W. Wheaton and the other being The Empire Manufacturing Company which was founded in London, Canada in 1903. On incorporation in 1906, this became a limited company, called Empire Brass Manufacturing Co. Ltd and then Emco Brass (Emco). In 1927, Emco entered into an exclusive licensee arrangement with Wheaton, creating “Emco Wheaton” for the first time.

In 1949, Emco Brass (UK) Limited was founded in Croydon, near London. This plant manufactured Wheaton petroleum valves under license. This was the first company to be established outside of North America. The plant in Croydon soon proved to be too small and the company relocated to the current site in Margate, Kent in 1952.

Emco Wheaton logo timelineEmco Wheaton History


Emco Wheaton is the consolidation of two companies, one being Wheaton Petroleum Valves that was founded in 1892 in Newark, New Jersey by A.W. Wheaton and the other being The Empire Manufacturing Company that was founded in London, Canada in 1903. On incorporation in 1906, this turned into a limited company, known as Empire Brass Manufacturing Co. Ltd and then Emco Brass (Emco). In 1927, Emco entered into an exclusive licensee arrangement with Wheaton, making”Emco Wheaton” for the first time.

This plant manufactured Wheaton oil valves under license. The plant in Croydon soon proved to be too little and the company relocated to the present site in Margate, Kent in 1952.

Buckeye manufactured nozzles, dry-break couplings, and underwing aircraft refueling couplers. Finally, in 1967 all outstanding Wheaton shares were bought by Emco Limited bringing three big brands – Emco, Wheaton, and Buckeye – under single ownership.

In September 1995 Emco Wheaton Distribution, Transport and Marine company was sold to Syltone plc – a UK-based company. Syltone introduced a Manufacturing Consolidation Program, which meant that production of loading arms stopped at Margate. Emco Wheaton UK became the heart firm for Tank Truck Equipment, whilst Emco Wheaton GmbH, in Kirchhain, Germany became the heart firm For Marine Loading Arms.

In January 2004, Gardner Denver Inc of Quincy Illinois obtained Syltone plc and the Emco Wheaton companies were merged in the Emco Wheaton Division, working within Gardner Denver’s Energy and Infrastructure Group, now referred to as the Energy Group, where it resides to this day.

In 2006, TODO, a top Swedish maker of Dry Break couplings and adaptors was added to the Emco Wheaton Division through acquisition, substantially strengthening our global presence and broad product offering.

In 2013 KKR bought Gardner Denver and continue to encourage Emco Wheaton in its drive to grow and flourish.