Automatic Fuel Nozzle

An automatic fuel nozzle is used to fuel vehicles at gas stations and fuel depots. The fuel loading diesel nozzle automatically stops the flow of transferring gas with the use of a check valve.

This feature, coupled with vapor recovery systems, has caused the amount of gasoline evaporation from spills to decrease considerably in conventional gas pumps.

When the vacuum formed by a full gas tank (Air to Fuel Ratio) reduces the amount of air in the tank,  the nozzle stops receiving air, which causes the valve to mechanically close. This prevents the flow of fuel.

The design of automatic loading fuel nozzles is centered on extreme durability.  Fuel nozzles and the attached hoses need to withstand .  The fuel nozzle also has to be able to withstand wear and tear from misuse and constant use.

The Safety Features In an Automatic Fuel Nozzle

There are some built-in safety features around the automatic fuel nozzle. Aside from the industry-standard shut off and kickback feature, there is a breakaway hose.  The snap-away breakpoint protects the pump in case a driver pulls away with the nozzle still in the tank.

Industrial settings require OSHA compliant loading platforms, safety gates, and rigid handrails for worker protection when using an elevated automatic fuel nozzle.

Many automatic fuel nozzle loading arms have vapor recovery systems and extra fall protection for loading from the top of railroad tank cars and fuel trucks.OSHA Compliant loading platforms for loading fuel to tankers.

Most automatic fuel nozzles are part of a vapor recovery system that returns vapors back to a tank.  This prevents the loss of products and is safer for the environment.

Automatic Fuel Nozzle on Loading Depot Platform
OSHA compliant safety equipment surrounds this loading area.