Grounding & Monitoring

  • Ground controllers — ensure ground before product flow
  • Explosion-proof enclosures — meet or exceed UL, CSA and Ex requirements
  • Overfill prevention — can be integrated for maximum safety

SafeRack is proud to carry Smart/Tech, Newson Gale and Civacon ground verification and monitoring products. Our out-of-the-box solution ensures your truck is properly grounded before loading begins, protecting your employees and property from accidents caused by static sparks.

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grounding systems

Grounding & Monitoring Categories

Smart Technologies LLC was created out of a desire to incorporate smart proven technology that would bring a multitude of additional benefits to operators around the world. Until now, this level of technology has not been available. Essentially, we wanted to provide a different and better way to service the truck and railcar transport industry.

Starting with the first all-in-one, intelligent, grounding monitor and controller, LOGIC, SmartTech provides operators with a variety of products that deliver accurate business intelligence within the operational process, as well as equipment performance on site. These technologies make SmartTech solutions the safest ground monitoring solutions available.

Grounding Monitor & Controller

Grounding monitor. Overfill controller. Valves. Meters. Loading racks can get cluttered and unsafe! The LOGIC grounding monitor and controller solves these problems. The LOGIC monitors single-compartment, top-loading operations. The grounding monitor provides multiple truck and railcar grounding options, with enhanced features that include overfill monitoring and spill prevention.

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Dead-Man Trigger Assembly

The LOGIC Dead-Man Trigger Assembly> is simple to use, robust in design and incorporates a hermetically-sealed electronic switch that ensures safe loading and reliable operation at all times.

This product integrates with the LOGIC controller.

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Ground Clamp Assembly

The LOGIC Ground Clamp assembly is a simple to use, robust clamp that provides secure bonding and static grounding of the mobile unit or flexible bulk container.

This product integrates with the LOGIC controller.

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Newson Gale
Newson Gale has been developing industry-standard grounding systems for over 30 years. SafeRack is proud to partner with such a respected safety brand and carry many of its products (including its award-winning Earth-Rite series).

Earth-Rite PLUS® Ground Monitoring System

Effective grounding and bonding ensures safe dissipation of static electricity to prevent fires and explosions that can be ignited by static and you can protect yourself and your employees with the Earth-Rite PLUS®. It provides positive verification of static ground connection on a wide range of industrial plant equipment, including tanker trucks, railcars, drums, containers and other conductive equipment.

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Civacon is a branch of OPW Global specializing in grounding and monitoring safety products. Its product set compliments that of Smart/Tech and Newson Gale, allowing SafeRack to offer a comprehensive suite of grounding and monitoring solutions.

8460 Series Diagnostic Opti-Therm Monitor

The 8460 Opti-Therm Overfill Detection System recognizes the signal technology on the transport, verifies grounding, and communicates with the terminal automation system (T.A.S). The 8460SRC is a direct replacement chassis upgrading other systems with a simple drop-in technology.

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Civacon™ Cane Probe

Cane probes are used to provide overall detection where a permanent sensor cannot be properly affixed to a tank or railcar. They provide a portable, flexible solution to meet a variety of overfill requirements for safe top loading. Cane probes utilize modern, instant-on optic principals. Adjusting the sensor position with a large adjustment knob on the cane probe clamp easily sets the sensing point.

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Plug and Cord Sets

CIVACON™ brand plugs and cords are used with junction boxes to connect the overfill detection monitor to the tank transport at the terminal. We offer two types of systems: optic (blue, 6-pin) and thermistor (green, 8-pin).

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