World leading designer, manufacturer and installer of truck and railcar loading platforms

  • Increased Railcar and Truck Loading Productivity - Safer, ergonomically designed systems boost productivity in your truck and railcar loading racks.
  • Better Value - Every truck and railcar loading platform system comes with world-class customer service, advanced technology, quality designs and years of experience.
  • Collaborative Approach - We coordinate with your team, local engineering and other key stakeholders to provide complete—and seamless—solutions for truck and railcar loading platforms and systems.
  • Superior Service - We listen, we ask the right questions and we’re on-site (and available) throughout the entire process, from design and engineering to manufacturing and installation of your railcar and truck loading platform facility.

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It's all about throughput.

SafeRack has decades of experience when it comes to designing loading and unloading platforms for a wide variety of bulk products such as crude oil, refined products, chemicals, food & beverage, as well as cement and mining products to name of few.

Our team of product specialists and engineers are able to work closely with the customers team to develop an accurate feed study and budget for a given project.

Whether you’re loading crude oil into railcars, liquid chocolate into heated trucks or even acid into an ISOtainer, SafeRack offers the expertise that ensures your system works efficiently and seamlessly. The added value that you receive from SafeRack makes your job easier. SafeRack simply makes a larger contribution to you.