Spill Pallets - Spill Containment

Spill containment pallets guard against accidental spills and leak containment. SafeRack offers secondary containment pallet solutions that comply with OSHA and EPA standards to protect your facility and personnel against the possible dangers caused when primary liquid storage containers leak or become ruptured. Whether it's hazardous liquids in IBC, drums, or small cans SafeRack's has the solution.

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Spill Pallets protect against chemical spills or leaks

The Spill Pallet is specially constructed to support heavy loads and designed to be easily used and transported and helps to meet all spill containment regulations for drums and IPB containers, complying with SPCC and EPA spill containment requirements. Its 100% polyethylene construction makes it compatible with a wide range of chemicals, while it’s low-rise walls allow easier accessibility for pouring.

  • Meets SPCC and EPA Container Storage Regulation 40 CFR 264.175 Spill Containment Regulations.
Our Spill Pallets are constructed with an innovative design called, the “Cross of Life,” which protects the Pallet’s structural integrity while bearing a heavy load over time. As more weight is applied to the top of the pallet, the cross pulls the all-polyethylene sides towards the center, instead of allowing them to sag outward. This greatly extends the life of the containment pallet and guards against large hazmat spills caused by sagging sides.