Railcar Spill Containment – PetroLiance Chooses SafeRack for Spill Containment

Railcar spills can cost a fortune to the petrochemical companies. Not only this, but railcar spills are a constant threat to the environment if not treated effectively.

SafeRack’s spill containment units for railcar may be expensive at the start but customers choose them to avoid the financial and environmental damages these spill costs which are way more than the price of these containment units. The Railcar spill containment has a life span of 30 years as it is a polyethylene system and doesn’t rust like the other systems in the market, which means it pays for itself many times.

Petroliance is a preeminent Mobil oil distributor. We distribute high-quality oils and lubricants and fuels to our customer base in the South Florida area. We receive bulk oil directly from Exxonmobil. We receive rail cars in relatively between three to four rail cars a week ranging from 20,000-24,000 gallons and when these rail cars come in, we basically offload them through a manifold system into our underground tanks. So it’s basically a replenishment process from Exxonmobil.

They had a need to contain their oils. So they gave us a call, purchased some spill containment pans from us, polyethylene and we came in and installed those for them.

The benefits to this system versus other systems on the market today, this is a polyethylene system so it doesn’t rust or corrode. Also, it is made into four and a half foot modular sections so it can be built to size.

There’s no maintenance to it, you just visually inspect it from time to time. They have a 30-year lifespan. They have UV inhibitors. They’re very compatible with lots of products and they’re a lot more economical than the galvanized or any kind of pan out there.

It’s less worrisome for me to get a phone call from my warehouse personnel that they have a spill and that I know for a fact that it’ll be captured and that within itself, it’s a good investment, not only for the environment but being compliant with a different type of applications that they require us to adhere to.

It’s a good product. They stand behind the product, they brought out a very strong team out here to get that installed. I think that’s kind of company that stands behind the product and make sure that you are happy with it.