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Accessing barges has unique challenges, not only because there are so many different kinds of barges, but because each barge has their own deck configurations.  There are dry-bulk barges, liquid barges, construction or work barges, barges that act as floating docks, etc.  All are unique and pose their own things of which you must pay attention to ensure you don’t get a gangway that ends up damaged, or possibly worse, in the drink.

What type of barge are you trying to access?  

  • Dry-bulk barge (link this to the dry bulk barge page)
  • Liquid barge (link this to the liquid barge page)
  • Construction or work barges

No matter which one you’re accessing, MarinaStep has the solution you need.  Select a SG, TG, or SAS gangway to ensure your personnel have safe access onto and off of the vessel.

SafeRack is the #1 Selling Aluminum Gangway in North America, and its barge ladder access solutions have earned the reputation for being safe, durable, and long-lasting in the harshest marine environments.

Whatever your industry, from cement to getting on the barge to remove the hatch covers, to oil and chemical to attach loading and unloading arms, or in a commercial environment requiring ADA compliance, SafeRack has you covered.

Safe Marine Access and Loading

SafeRack provides equipment and solutions for safe access and loading in the marine industry.

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