Marine Access and Loading Solutions

SafeRack is the #1 Selling Aluminum Gangways in North America.

Our ship gangways are designed for worker safety and can be fixed to a static structure like a complex platform system or to a mobile platform to allow easy operation and storage. Using aluminum alloys, our ship gangways are corrosion and saltwater resistant. SafeRack can customize ship gangways to meet your unique technical requirements while meeting your budget and deadline.

In some situations, the ship already has an accommodation ladder, but your dock or work barge may not have a good place for it to land. We have cantilevered and counterbalanced platforms of different heights that allow you to go over any curbing or side rail to provide a safe landing zone for the accommodation ladder and give personnel a safe access point to get on and off.

Safe Marine Access and Loading

SafeRack provides equipment and solutions for safe access and loading in the marine industry.

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Marine, Food & Pharmaceutical Loading Market Specialist
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