Tracking SafeRack Gangway installation

Multi Hatch Truck Loading Installation at a Major UK Chemical Site

Stalybridge, United Kingdom
Chemical Loading Facility
Dual Sided Tracking SafeRack Gangway
 Stepan UK
Surfactants, Polymers

Working with Flotech Performance Systems, this is recent installation of a dual-sided tracking SafeRack gangway and loading rack in the UK. Because the gangways are mounted on tracks, they can easily be adjusted and spotted over the truck hatches. As a result, this type of loading solution is ideally suited for multi hatch truck loading. This Dual Sided Tracking Gangway solution was installed for Stepan UK division located in Stalybridge UK.

Our team worked on the project specifications, code compliances, engineering, and installation to make this project completely turn-key.  Once installed, this new access solution now provides operators at the chemical loading facility a flexible and safe solution for accessing multiple hatch road barrel tankers (tanker trucks) and ISO trucks.

Multi Hatch Truck Loading Solutions

truck at track mounted loading unloading gangway on loading platform
Truck at track mounted loading gangway on a loading platform

SafeRack’s track-mounted gangways slide horizontally giving workers the ability to position loading rack directly over hatches of trucks or railcars. Not only does this increase efficiencies, especially with multi hatch vehicles, but it also eliminates the need for exact truck spotting. It’s a solution that works well with multiple lengths of railcars and varying compartment hatches on trucks, as operators are able to open swing gates anywhere along the track. For bigger loading facilities, multiple gangways can be used on the same track, to cover a bigger area typically needed for railcar multi-car, multi hatch loading.

Multi hatch tracking gangway install UK

This track mounted gangway in the UK can be easily adjusted and spotted over multi hatch trucks or quickly spotted over single hatch road barrel tankers and ISO trucks.

This multi hatch truck loading installation is in Stepan UK. Stepan, headquartered in Northfield, Illinois, manufactures chemicals such as surfactants, germicidal and fabric softening quaternaries, phthalic anhydride (P.A.), polyurethane polyols and special ingredients for the food and pharmaceutical industries. Stepan has 18 manufacturing plants that are ISO 9001:2015 certified. With reach in 11 countries throughout North and South America, Europe and Asia, Stepan can provide a broad range of products with its worldwide distribution network globally.