The 43 Degrees of Liquid Sulfur

How to stay safe when loading and unloading liquid sulfur By: Graeme Murphy, VP Strategy and Business Development Sulfur is the 10th most abundant element in the universe. It accounts for almost 3 percent of our planet’s entire mass. Or to put it more contextually: If you combined all the sulfur that exists on Earth,
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NGL fractionation loading terminal

Railcar NGL Fractionation Loading Terminal

Location McPherson, Kansas Project NGL Fractionation Loading Terminal Product SafeRack gangways, loading arms, and Hemco pivot mounts retrofit Client Oneok, Natural Gas Liquids Segment Materials/Product NGL components Project Profile: Railcar NGL Fractionation Loading Terminal for ONEOK ONEOK is committed to making continuous improvements to conserve resources and protect its employees, and SafeRack was proud to
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National Grounding Safety Month by SafeRack & Newson Gale

SafeRack & Newson Gale Host National Grounding Safety Month Promoting Static Electricity Awareness ANDREWS, S.C.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SafeRack, the global leader in industrial loading safety equipment has teamed up with Newson Gale, the leader in static control to designate August as Grounding Safety Month. When loading petrochemical or other combustible materials, static electricity safety and the importance
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LPG Truck Loading Terminal with Hose Retrievers

ErectaStep LPG loading access platform installation in Canada

A facility with an LPG loading terminal was in a location that got slippery and muddy during the harsh Canadian winters or when it rained.  The terminal also had trip hazards and was wearing out hose prematurely. Through Northern Platforms, our Canadian distributor, they were able to work with the customer’s budget and provided a
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July is designated as Spill Prevention Month to promote awareness in industrial spill containment

Andrews, South Carolina, June 25, 2020 — SafeRack, the global leader in industrial loading safety equipment has teamed up with UltraTech International, the leading supplier of environmental compliance products to designate July as Spill Prevention Month. Experts from both companies conduct safety audits to help businesses create an action plan for avoiding spills and containing
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High-volume petroleum terminal benefits from an engineered loading arm solution

Loading Arm Upgrade Significantly Improves Operations Originally built in the 1940s, a high-volume bottom-loading petroleum terminal in Kentucky had truck-loading lanes that had undergone a patchwork of upgrades, expansions, and reconfigurations over the years. These uncoordinated improvements resulted in disorganized, inefficient loading operations over time. The hodge-podge of cumbersome components was poorly spaced. And incompatible
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IFCo Nitrogen Fertilizer railcar bulk loading project

Nitrogen Fertilizer Bulk Railcar Loading Project – IFCo

Location Wever, Iowa United States Project Bulk Loading Platform Product  SafeRack gangways, loading arms, pipe racks, fall protection systems, drench showers, platform canopy Client Iowa Fertilizer Company (IFCo) Materials/Product Nitrogen Fertilizers Diesel Exhaust Fluid SafeRack Bulk loading platform installation for IFCo in Iowa. Fractionation Loading Terminal. When the installation was completed, the Iowa plant was
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COVID-19 Update from SafeRack

Our hearts go out to all individuals impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. We sincerely hope the actions being taken across our country will stop the spread of the virus and help protect everyone affected directly by infection or indirectly by its impact on jobs, schooling, or safety. We are open for business and our intent is
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Ferry Gangway Installation

MarinaStep Ferry Gangway Installation for NYC Ferry

NYC Ferry is a network of ferry routes in New York City about six routes connecting 21 ferry piers in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens.  MarinaStep ship gangways are designed for high capacity, high volume applications, and services over 28 vessels on an hourly or 30-minute departure schedule. The ferry service was originally expected
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Tracking SafeRack Gangway installation

Multi Hatch Truck Loading Installation at a Major UK Chemical Site

Location Stalybridge, United Kingdom Project Chemical Loading Facility Product Dual Sided Tracking SafeRack Gangway Client  Stepan UK Materials/Product Surfactants, Polymers Working with Flotech Performance Systems, this is recent installation of a dual-sided tracking SafeRack gangway and loading rack in the UK. Because the gangways are mounted on tracks, they can easily be adjusted and spotted over
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Top 5 Oil Regions in the United States 2020 1

Top 5 Oil Regions in the United States

US oil production keeps accelerating towards new highs and continues to the top oil-producing countries in the world. In fact, The United States is ranked second in oil production, Russia being the top producer. This has been because of strong oil gas prices, political changes, and increased demand from Mexico. The US has over 100
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railroad track construction cross section

Railroad Facts… Construction, Safety and More.

Since the first railroads were built almost 200 years ago, locomotive / train design and technology has advanced significantly, from steam powered engines to super-fast maglev trains. Often overlooked, however, is the technology behind the thing that keeps these trains moving in the right direction: the tracks. Railroad track construction has undergone plenty of reform
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single arm fuel station

Single Sided Tanker Loading

Fuel and Chemical Tanker Loading Stations are beehives of activity. Transfer Operations Platforms need to be sturdy, safe, and ready at all times as tanker trucks come and go regularly. Look at the single-sided loading station in this photo that Saferack installed at Johnson Matthey Catalysts. This active station needed to be high and safe
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Metal Crossover Stairs For Pipelines

Pipeline Safety

This image shows how the Buckeye Pipeline used an ErectaStep metal stair system to solve problems and improve safety in a remote location effectively. The ErectaStep system you see here was put in place to allow workers to safely access flow control valves in a hurry and with confidence. The modular system is immediately OSHA
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safety storage cabinets for drums

Flammable Storage Cabinets EPA Compliant

  OSHA and the EPA mandate that every company that stores fuel or chemicals in flammable storage cabinets or transports fuel or chemicals must have an adequate plan and the proper equipment to address accidental spillage. Failure to comply with EPA and OSHA spill containment rules could result in fines that can accrue on a
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ErectaStep's The 8th Wonder of the World saga continues

ErectaStep’s “The 8th Wonder of the World” saga continues

“The 8th Wonder of the World” saga continues as ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Khufu chooses SixAxis’ ErectaStep to keep pyramid builders safe in an ingenious media campaign entitled, “The Mummy Returns.” Andrews, South Carolina – October 22, 2019 — Manufactured with the strict brand ethos that fall-prevention and safety products can be innovative, fast to ship,
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8-Step Metal Stair Pipe Crossover

Project Profile – Pipe Crossovers and Valve-Access Platforms for New Tank Farm Construction

Location Jal, New Mexico Project Install OSHA compliant metal stair crossovers and valve access platforms for a newly-constructed crude oil tank farm Product ErectaStep prefabricated modular metal stair units. This large ErectaStep project is for a newly constructed tank farm located in the Permian Basin in New Mexico. This installation included several crossover stairs, valve-access
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ErectaStep Catwalk installations at terminal in Bethany Missouri

Catwalks in a Gas Storage Terminal

Flint Hills Resources Opts for ErectaStep Catwalk Stairs to Transition from Legacy Crude Oil to Gas Storage Terminal Client Flint Hills Resources Location Eagleville, MO Project Install ErectaStep Catwalks and platforms throughout terminal Product ErectaStep Industrial Stairs Catwalks and metal stair towers installed in the 1980s needed significant OSHA upgrades at a Flint Hills Resources
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tanker truck baffles

Road Tanker Safety – design, equipment and the human factor

Around 25% of all freight hauled in the US is transported in tanker trucks, and of that, nearly half is petroleum products (gasoline, diesel, and aviation fuel)*. So, with so much hazardous cargo on the nation’s roads, and the occurrence of cars driving under road tankers not uncommon, why are there so few spillages and
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