Seamless Coordination, Safer Solutions

  • Overfill and Vapor Recovery - Truck and Railcar Liquid Level Sensors and Vapor Recovery Solutions
  • Grounding and Metering Systems - Truck and Railcar Grounding and Metering Systems
  • Design and Installation - Coordination Vehicle Variables, Gangway and Fall Protection
  • Insulation and Heat Tracing - Insulated, Steam Jacketed and Heat Traced Options
  • Couplings and Disconnects - Breakaway Couplings and Dry Break Disconnects

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Loading arm projects go faster and more smoothly with SafeRack, because we coordinate with pipe, electrical and civil engineers to help resolve any variables with vehicles. In addition, we offer the widest selection of swivel joints for the most difficult liquid handling applications. Simply put, your railcar loading systems are more productive with SafeRack.

SafeRack’s experienced loading arms experts allow us to walk clients through every step of the design process from swing arm style to dimensions and materials. We ensure your loading arm is designed and built to specifications and delivered on schedule, the first time.

Each loading arm is designed for ease of operation and handling, which creates a faster, safer loading operation. The rugged construction of these loading arms makes downtime and maintenance issues virtually non-existent.

We routinely provide options such as overfill protection, vapor recovery, tracking and insulation to meet any requirement or regulation.

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OPW is a global leader in fluid handling, management, monitoring and control solutions for the safe and efficient handling of fluids from the refinery to the commercial and retail points of consumption.
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With more than 100 years’ experience working within the fluid transfer industry, Emco Wheaton has the pedigree and knowledge, along with the innovative attitude and skills required to produce world leading equipment.
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loading arm project coordination

Coordination is Key

Coordinating loading arms with gangways, fall protection and all the vehicle variables in truck loading racks or railcar loading platforms is very complex. The experience, user familiarity, technology and dedication to safety and productivity are reasons why users from all over North America are coming to SafeRack.

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