Marine Loading

Purposefully built, reliably safe.
Our advanced corrosion-resistant aluminum vessel gangways are designed for OHSA compliant worker safety, durability and reliability in marine environments and are built to order to your required length and specifications. And they’re built to last, too. Constructed of durable aluminum, galvanized or stainless steel, our vessel gangways are available in sizes up to 50’ in length and 5’ in width. However, special-purpose gangways exceeding those measurements can also be built.

SafeRack is committed to workplace safety. This is why we manufacture durable and long-lasting aluminum safety products including; marine gangways, dock gangways and custom marine ramps for safe access to and from barges and ships. With a long history of building gangways, our patented ship gangways and ramps are custom designed by our engineering staff to meet your application needs and built for durable and long lasting performance in harsh marine conditions.

Marine dock self adjusting stair SAS telesopic gangway 740x516

Saferack's G4 Series Ship Gangways Aluminum Marine Access Ramp Gangway

Marine Gangways — Barge & Ship Style (BSS)

Our barge and ship gangways are built-to-order to your required length and specifications. Constructed of durable aluminum, galvanized or stainless steel, they’re readily available in lengths up to 50′ and up to 5′ in width—and vessel gangways exceeding those dimensions can be designed and built if your application requires it.

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truss type gangway

Truss-Style and Beam-Style Marine Gangways

Our rugged truss-style and beam-style construction provides a standard distributed load capacity of 60 pounds per square foot and can be made-to-order to accommodate even higher load capacities. Additionally, you can choose from four different cleat styles to improve your footing when operating at steeper angles. We also offer extruded and open-grating decking, as well as decking fabricated from aluminum sheet or tread plate.

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SafeRack’s Aluminum Marine Gangways Options