single arm fuel station

Single Sided Tanker Loading

Fuel and Chemical Tanker Loading Stations are beehives of activity. Transfer Operations Platforms need to be sturdy, safe, and ready at all times as tanker trucks come and go regularly.

Look at the single-sided loading station in this photo that Saferack installed at Johnson Matthey Catalysts. This active station needed to be high and safe for the operation to be successful.

We help your workers stay safe on top of tanker trucks.

The custom metal stairs were designed to reach the height required to get workers above the vehicles. The steel galvanized stairs withstand the outdoor elements and heavy loads with ease! The safety handrails are fixed in place and provide reliable steadiness.

The center column is bolted securely to the deck through a metal plate that distributes the weight evenly. The landing or work platform has installed fall protection. The guardrails along the edges are high, and there is an installed safety gate also at a high level. The YellowGate Safety Gate creates a pause as a person steps onto the platform or the stairs. It’s all about preventing falls and trips!

The loading ramp gently lowers into place with precision.

The hydraulic loading ramp glides gently into position on top of a tanker truck. It drops down smoothly and raises equally smooth. Smooth and steady is a design element that Saferack is very proud of. Some loading ramps Clang down hard onto the tops of trucks causing damage to both the truck and the loading ramp. SafeRack loading ramps take care of your vehicles.

The Safety Cage creates a safe work area on the top of the truck. Your workers move freely as they quickly load or unload a tanker. The safety cage adds more fall protection with high solid metal guardrails. Your workers can rely on them as they move around on top of the truck.

OSHA Compliant Fall Protection for your workers is what we do.

The Loading Arm is omnidirectional thanks to a state of the art swivel joint that creates ease of use and speed. The arm is manipulated to the spot with very smooth precision on top of a very stable platform.

SafeRack works with industries that transport fuel and chemicals. We have the right equipment to create a safe, OSHA compliant loading area for your workers. We take pride in the fall protection we provide for your workforce, and our loading platforms have the right elements to keep them safe on the job. Call SafeRack today to see how we can help you install a new loading platform or improve an existing platform.