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5 5
SafeRack provided an efficient and economical way to solve one of our crossover issues.

Quick response from the sales team and very fast delivery on site. We were very pleased with the quality of this product!

5 5
SafeRack came to my plant and found me a solution for my obsolete parts!

Taelor Pryor is really great to work with. She is always helpful and she follows up with me after I receive my order. SafeRack has fair prices and shipping is always on time.

5 5
The “Yellow Gates” arrived within a few days of placing the order!

We installed the Yellow Gates on all machine platforms above 4ft. They are far superior to using chains since the operators do not have to think about closing them once they access the platforms.

5 5
SafeRack was probably the most willing and happy to help with any issues or questions I had.

Fixing some ergonomic issues within our pipeline station, accessing certain valves and a few piping crossovers. The product has not been delivered yet but I assume it will arrive very soon.

5 5
Sales person was very responsive and our replacement parts shipped immediately

I bought a spare spring for one of my SafeRacks and was able to give a serial number of my unit and knew that I was getting the correct part for it.

5 5
Product was received 2 day of issuing the PO. GREAT DELIVERY!

The safety gates we ordered will be used for access platforms on multiple tanks and to keep all opening closed for safety while personnel is on the platform. The safety gates are really nice and the versatile mounting options and adjustable opening allow me several options. This safety gate product could be used elsewhere if we ever decide to move it.

5 5
Very responsive and informative.

Quick and friendly service. We choose SafeRack to keep our employees safe, keep our customers (truck drivers) safe and for the OEM parts (which fit perfectly). Prompt response to my request for replacement parts. Very courteous and helpful when communicating over the phone and via email. There were no obstacles at all. Very smooth transaction.

5 5
Taelor was very responsive.

This was a very positive experience as far as buying a part for a piece of machinery is concerned. Also a positive customer service experience. Taelor was very helpful, kind and courteous. She knew her product and knew exactly what part number I needed.

5 5

Taelor was awesome. She had great follow up time and any questions I had she had an answer for! We have ordered a couple of these from you guys, great product. A delivery truck took out the one we put in earlier in the year.