TODO Safety, Technology, and Performance

 todo liquid transfer


Safety First

The transfer of hazardous gases and liquids is necessary for various industries, so recognizing and following safety rules constantly is imperative. These standards are put in place for the protection of all involved, making safety a top priority and helping ensure everyone goes home in one piece after the workday is done.

TODO is the Brand Leader

Safety and performance is why, for several years, people from around the world have continuously chosen the TODO Dry-Break system. These dry-break systems were designed to meet all safety standards as well as being the go-to part for offering the easiest, fastest and most environmentally friendly method when handling the transfer of dangerous gases and liquids.


It was the TODO Dry-Break system that played a major role in helping BMW America succeed in breaking two drifting world records in South Carolina earlier this year, while competing at the performance center. Watch the video here:

For fluid transfer, the TODO brand is the leader, reaching all industry needs in delivering oils and gases from chemical to LPG. For diversity and flexibility, the TODO Dry-Break coupler met and exceeded expectations while it was on exhibition, as it allowed for safe, swift car-to-car refueling in the midst of a drifting record expanding across 232.5 miles in only eight hours, spill-free.

Beats Competitors

Detroit Speed, Inc. was enlisted by BMW to design a method of car-to-car tank refill mid-drift that was both safe and reliable. With the previous drifting record holder having achieved continuous drift by using an additional fuel tank, BMW used the TODO products to achieve the swift car-to-car refueling not just once but an astonishing five times, while on the wet skid pad. This won them a second world record of longest twin vehicle drifts.  

With the TODO Dry-Break refueling system performing flawlessly and easily for Danish racing driver, Johan Schwartz, he not only broke, but also smashed the previous six-hour car-to-car refueling record, despite his feet falling asleep and soreness in his neck.


Detroit Speed developed this unique system for transporting fuel with parts consisting of a TODO Dry-Break coupling and machined custom fittings attached to a hose. During the process of designing this, some innovation and testing took place. Testing comprised of a man wearing a safety harness, willingly hanging out of the back window of a car, reaching across to the second car to successfully transfer 8-9 gallons of fuel within 25 seconds, with no spills. To further improve the method and design, the engineers installed a custom-made fuel tank in the car trunk and removed the back seats.

For anyone watching a race, you’ve certainly witnessed the standard refueling equipment in use, which typically necessitates both proper alignment performed manually and uninterrupted pressure during the process. However, this method did not prove suitable for the award-winning driving stunt performed by BMW, due to the movements required, which is why they designed their own system.


To be successful, they required a system that would provide guaranteed performance and safely lock-on while the harnessed person hung out the window at massive speed. Their solution was the use of the 2″ TODO-Matic® Dry-Break comprised of lightweight aluminum. This was the final piece to this innovative solution in providing a design that was uncharacteristically light, as well as fast, reliable, and simple to use; requiring a quick quarter-turn to lock on.

Record winning performance demonstrates the high quality design of the TODO coupling. While this is not the typical use of TODO products, it proves reliability, safety and speed can be achieved in any environment and situation.