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SafeRack takes worker safety very seriously and offers a full range of products and equipment designed specifically to reduce the risks associated with Petrochemical transportation while improving loading and unloading throughput.

Operator and Environmental Safety – SafeRack has been providing safe, reliable platforms, handrails, and gangway solutions to the chemical industry for many years. From multifaceted fall prevention retrofits to new builds, SafeRack’s priorities are operator and environmental safety while still focusing on creating an efficient and productive solution that allows a significant return on investment.

Chemical Loading & Handling:

Speciality Chemical

Acetic Acid | Acetic Anhydride | Acetonitrile | Acrolein | Acrylic Acid | Acrylonitrile | Aluminum Chloride | Aluminum Sulfate  | Ammonium Hydroxide | Ammonium Nitrate | Aniline | Benzyl Chloride | Bromotrifluoromethane | Caustic | Chlorine | Chloroform | Diethylene Glycol | Dodecylbenzene Sulfonic Acid | Ethanol | Ethyl Chloride | Ethylene DichlorideEthylene Glycol | Ethylene Oxide | Ferric Chloride | Ferrous Chloride | Hexane  | Hydrogen Peroxide| Hydrochloric Acid | Hydrofluoric Acid | Hydrofluorosilicic Acid | Hydrogen Peroxide | Hypochlorous Acid | Isopropyl Acetate | Liquid Argon | Liquid Nitrogen | Liquid Oxygen | Maleic Anhydride  | Methyl Chloride | Nitric Acid | Oleum | Phosphoric Acid | Phosphorus Trichloride | Polypropylene  | Titanium Tetrachloride | Sodium Cyanide | Sodium Hypochlorite | Sodium Hydroxide | Styrene Monomer | Sulfuric Acid | Sulfur Dioxide | Titanium Tetrachloride | Turpentine | Vinyl Acetate | Vinyl Chloride | Zinc Chloride

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Bulk Chemical Specialist

“As subject matter expert, I’ll leverage my years of experience as your personal consultant throughout the project to ensure you get a world-class solution.”

Ray Evans
Bulk Chemical Market Specialist
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