Butadiene (C4H6) Handling Design, Loading, and Installation.

As an Olefin in the Petrochemical family tree, Butadiene is a chemical made from the processing of petroleum. It’s primarily used as a monomer to manufacture many different types of polymers and copolymers, and as a chemical intermediate in the production of industrial chemicals, including synthetic rubber. Synthetic rubber is widely used for tires on cars and trucks.  Butadiene is also used to make plastics, including acrylics, and small amounts are found in gasoline. Butadiene is the 36th highest volume chemical produced in the United States. 

In the United States, Butadiene is a “tight-fill” (closed-loop) loading operation and is loaded into road tankers and rail cars via chemical hoses or top loading arms with vapor recovery. Butadiene, if not handled properly can be fatal and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is required. Additionally, because operators are on top of the vehicles during the loading process, fall prevention is essential, not only for safety but increases throughput.

Butadiene (C4H6) Transport

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