Phenol (C6H5OH) Handling Design, Loading, and Installation.

Phenol is used primarily in the production of phenolic resins and in the manufacture of nylon and other synthetic fibers.

Phenol is an aromatic organic compound with a molecular formula of C6H5OH. A mildly acidic toxic white crystalline solid obtained from coal tar and used in chemical manufacturing. In a diluted form, under the name of carbolic acid, it’s used as a disinfectant. Due to its acidic properties, Phenol requires careful handling due to its likelihood to cause chemical burns.

In the United States, Phenol is a “tight-fill” (closed-loop) loading operation and is loaded into road tankers and rail cars via chemical hoses or top loading arms with vapor recovery. Phenol, if not handled properly can be fatal therefore Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is required. Additionally, because operators are on top of the vehicles during the loading process, fall prevention is essential, not only for safety but increases throughput.

Phenol railcar and truck Transport

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